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At ACEC/MD we are constantly evolving how we represent and serve engineering companies so we can continue our history of significance and contribution in the industry and in our community.

We believe our legacy is not just about how many years of history we’ve had, how many companies we represent or the diversity of those companies. While those are all important, we measure our real success against our mission: to contribute to America’s prosperity and welfare by advancing the business interests of our member firms.

What truly makes ACEC/MD special are the many specific instances where we were able to work together with member firms, their clients, and lawmakers to bolster infrastructure funding, improve job site safety, remove unreasonable fee caps, and fight price competition at the state and local level. Specific instances such as these:

  • Eliminating or de-emphasizing bidding on state procurement contracts
  • Limiting liability from 20 to 10 years for engineers and architects
  • Providing coverage for engineers under mechanics lien laws
  • Require a Certificate of Merit to reduce frivolous lawsuits
  • Modifying State Government Article 15-508 to provide fairer competition

It is said that engineers shape the future of society in a practical way. At ACEC/MD we believe that the collaboration of engineering companies can help shape the future of engineering itself in a practical way, creating opportunities that have never existed before.

With ACEC’s long and rich history as the voice of engineering companies, both nationally and here in Maryland — we’ve proven our commitment to seeing this vision become a reality for all member firms.

ACEC, and its member organizations, strive to improve professional management techniques and develop professional conduct standards consistent with the needs of the engineering and surveying professions. In recent years, ACEC/MD has played a major role in the enactment of laws that:

  • Increased Infrastructure funding
  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Taxation on professional services
  • Unreasonable fee caps
  • Job site safety
  • Uninsurable contract conditions
  • Educating local jurisdictions about the benefits of qualifications based selection (QBS) and combating price competition at the state and local level
  • Local jurisdictions' regulatory processes
  • Cost containment for health and liability insurance
  • Design/Build and other alternative delivery methods

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Aneesha Griffin

CST Engineering Inc.

“As the owner of a small business, membership in ACEC/MD has provided me and my firm with invaluable access to senior personnel from clients and larger firms that has helped us to build relationships and identify upcoming opportunities. Our membership has also afforded us with the opportunity to have our voices heard with the backing of our industry.”
Harish J. Patel

Executive Vice President & COO, EBA Engineering, Inc.

“ACEC/MD Leadership understands and addresses the needs and concerns of professional engineering services firms. The organization promotes and enhances the relationship between consulting engineering firms and the clients, provides opportunities to network with other professionals, and has helped me develop professionally and personally.”
Jeffery P. McBride
PE, ACEC-MD Fellow

EBL Engineers, LLC

“ACEC works at the state and local levels to protect our business interests. Through our membership, we are able to support and participate in these efforts, which hone our business skills and allow us to identify threats and opportunities early on. The organization offers continuing opportunities for networking, business, and professional development through attendance at meetings and conferences both on the national and local levels.”
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