The membership of ACEC/MD consists of more than 90 consulting engineering firms of varying disciplines and sizes throughout the state, serving both the public and private sectors. Enhance your team and realize your ambitions by browsing our directory of award-winning firms.

A. Morton Thomas & Associates, Inc.

Contact: Heidi Van Luven Work Phone: 410-752-6552 Website:

A.D. Marble & Company

Contact: Kristen Goddard Work Phone: 410-902-1421 Website:


Contact: Michael Maguire, PLS Work Phone: 410-686-5091 Website:

AB Consultants

Contact: Amrish Patel Work Phone: 443-729-2650 Website:

ACEC Business Insurance Trust (Affiliate)

Contact: Jeff Connelly Work Phone: 833-223-2248 Website:

ACEC L/H INS. TRUST (Affiliate)

Contact: Lana Oxsen Work Phone: 800-841-6130 Website:


Contact: Alan Straus Work Phone: 410-637-1700 Website:

Alban Engineering

Contact: Jeffrey Alban Work Phone: 410-252-6135 Website:

Alliance Engineering

Contact: Antonio (Tony) Delgado .P.E. Work Phone: 410-746-8426 Website:

Alpha Corporation

Contact: Callie Geller Work Phone: 410-646-3044 Website:

Alpha Sieger, Inc.

Contact: Asnake Negussie Work 199 E. Montgomery Avenue, Suite 100 Rockville, MD 20850 Work Phone: 240-599-7947 Website:

Alvi Associates, Inc.

Contact: IrfanA. Alvi, PE Work Phone: 410-321-8877 Website:

Ames & Gough, Inc. (Affiliate)

Contact: Mike Heatwole Work Phone: 703-827-2277 Website:


Contact: Brian Riffel Work Phone: 443-961-3015 Website:


Contact: Jim Blake Work Phone: 410-290-6235 Website:

Brudis & Associates, Inc.

Contact: Tony Brudis Work Phone: 410-884-3607 Website:

C. C. Johnson & Malhotra, P.C.

Contact: John Brubaker Work Phone: 410-505-9146 Website:

CBIZ Benefits & Insurance (Affiliate)

Contact: Art Ebersberger Work Phone: 410-404-4991 Website:

CBRE HEERY International

Contact: Elizabeth Tedder Work Phone: 443-902-0454 Website:

Century Engineering

Contact: Mr. Francis Smyth Work Phone: 443-589-2400 Website:

CES Consuting, LLC

Contact: Syed Khan Work Phone: 703-403-1176 Website:


Contact: Bruce Gartner Work Phone: 410-986-3445 Website:

Connor Support Services, LCC (Affiliate)

Contact: Belinda Calabrese-Connor Work Phone: 410-570-4231 Website:

Constellation Design Group, Inc.

Contact: Ms. Cathy S. Ritter Work Phone: 410-252-1884 Website:

CST Engineering, Inc.

Contact: Aneesha Griffin Work Phone: 443-583-8990 Website:

CTI (Affiliate)

Contact: Jon Graham Work Phone: 800-606-6060 Website:


Contact: Chuck Beall Work Phone: 410-296-3333 Website:

Daniel Consultants, Inc.

Contact: Mr. K. Mammen Daniel Work Phone: 410-995-0090 Website:

Development Facilitators, Inc.

Contact: Raymond E. Streib Work Phone: 443-308-2100 Website:


Contact: Nimish Desai Work Phone: 410-265-9500 Website:

EA Engineering, Science & Technology

Contact: Melissa Smith Work Phone: 410-584-7000 Website:

EBA Engineering, Inc.

Contact: Mr. Harish Patel Work Phone: 240-547-1124 Website:

EBL Engineers, LCC

Contact: JefferyP. McBride, PE Work Phone: 410-668-8000 Website:

ESD Associates

Contact: Daniel O’Leary, P.E. Work Phone: 410-807-3900 Website:

Faisant Associates, Inc.

Contact: Mr. Atul C. Patel Work Phone: 410-783-1696 Website:

Findling, Inc.

Contact: Amsalu Duressa Work Phone: 410-367-1400 Website:

Floura Teeter Landscape Architects (Affiliate)

Contact: Joan Floura Work Phone: 410-528-8395 Website:


Contact: Nathan Schwarz Work Phone: 443-733-1011 Website:

Gannett Fleming, Inc.

Contact: Mr. Art Barrett Work Phone: 443-348-2017 Website:

Gipe Associates, Inc.

Contact: David Hoffman Work Phone: 410-822-8688 Website:

Greenman-Pedersen, Inc.

Contact: Doug Robb Work Phone: 410-880-3055 Website:

Gross, Mendelsohn & Associates (Affiliate)

Contact: Taylor Dean Work Phone: 410-685-5512 Website:

HAKS Engineers, Inc.

Contact: Sophie Boreshe Work Phone: 410-605-0592 Website:

Hanover Land Services, Inc.

Contact: Kristin Barmoy Work Phone: 410-857-0210 Website:

Hardesty & Hanover, LLP

Contact: Scott A. Reynolds, PE#23326; S Work Phone: 410-573-1999 Website:

HDR, Inc.

Contact: Lawrence Hentz Work Phone: 301-289-7205 Website:

Henry Adams, LLC

Contact: Mr. Douglas Tebera Work Phone: 410-296-6500 Website:

Hertzbach & Company, P.A. (Affiliate Member Firm)

Contact: Joel Chazen Work Phone: 410-363-3200 Website:

HNTB Corporation

Contact: Kimberly Gilbert Work Phone: 443-759-3110 Website:


Contact: Qiong (Joan) Wang Work Phone: 301-234-6234 Website:

Indam Engineers

Contact: Mr. Kishore Mahadevia Work Phone: 410-461-0001 Website:

Infrastructure Technologies, LLC

Contact: Patricia Martin Work Phone: 410-442-4404 Website:


Contact: Harriet Levine Work Phone: 410-837-5840 Website:

James Posey Associates, Inc.

Contact: Kevin McCarthy Work Phone: 410-265-6100 Website:

Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson (JMT)

Contact: Sean McCone Work Phone: 410-329-2414 Website:

KCI Technologies

Contact: James Deriu Work Phone: 410-316-7800 Website:


Contact: Paul E. Abbott, Jr. Work Phone: 410-494-1111 Website:

Kim Engineering

Contact: M. Sunny Kim Work Phone: 410-501-3669 Website:

King & Attridge (Affiliate)

Contact: John A. King Work Phone: 301-279-0780 Website:

Kittelson and Associates, Inc.

Contact: Ed Myers Work Phone: 443-524-9408 Website:

Klein Agency, LLC (Affilate)

Contact: Justin Klein Work Phone: 410-832-7600 Website:

KOBA & Associates, LLC (Affiliate Member)

Contact: Adrienne Barnes Work Phone: 410-608-2601 Website:

Kumi Construction Management Corporation

Contact: Charles Kumi Work Phone: 410-244-8041 Website:

Landmark Consulting Engineers

Contact: Ted Williams Work Phone: 410-939-2144 Website:

Leach Wallace Associates, Inc.

Contact: Mr. Robert Leach Work Phone: 410-579-8100 Website:

LEE/SHOEMAKER PLLC (Affiliate Member Firm)

Contact: Jonathan Shoemaker Work Phone: 202-971-9404 Website:


Contact: Katherine Farrow Work Phone: 610-605-3104 Website:

Louis Berger

Contact: Paul Sayan Work Phone: 410-468-4054 Website:

MA Engineering Consutants, Inc.

Contact: Gary Thurman Work Phone: 877-623-2123 Website:

McCormick Taylor

Contact: Mr. Dana P. Knight Work Phone: 410-662-7400 Website:

McSHANE, PC (Affiliate)

Contact: James F. Lee, Jr. Work Phone: 202-530-8100 Website:


Contact: Tom Evans Work Phone: 301-694-4899 Website:

Mercado Consultants, Inc.

Contact: Bill Mercado Work Phone: 410-772-2255 Website:

Michael Baker Jr., Inc.

Contact: Vic Siaurusaitis Work Phone: 410-689-3400 Website:

Mimar Architects, Inc.

Contact: Kal Bhatti Work Phone: 410-944-4900 Website:

MK Consulting Engineers, LLC

Contact: Marianne Crampton Work Phone: 301-641-6074 Website:

Moffatt & Nichol, Engineers

Contact: Mr. Tom Shafer, Jr. Work Phone: 410-563-7300 Website:

Mueller Associates, Inc.

Contact: Robert Marino Work Phone: 410-646-4500 Website:

NMP Engineering Consultants, Inc.

Contact: Navrang M. Patel Work Phone: 410-771-9808 Website:

O’Connell & Lawrence, Inc. (Jt. Council)

Contact: Kenneth O’Connell Work Phone: 301-924-4570 Website:

Parsons Transportation Group

Contact: Greg Shafer Work Phone: 410-949-2000 Website:


Contact: Kim Adams Work Phone: 443-449-2505 Website:


Contact: Malini Glueck Work Phone: 410-329-1150 Website:


Contact: Kumar Buvanendaran Work Phone: 410-654-3790 Website:

Rickert Engineering, Inc.

Contact: Mr. Karl J. Rickert Work Phone: 410-663-5110 Website:

RJM Engineering, Inc.

Contact: Laura Soprano Work Phone: 410-730-1001 Website:

RK&K (Rummel, Klepper & Kahl)

Contact: Melinda Peters Work Phone: 410-728-2900 Website:

Rossi Transportation Group

Contact: Rita Ossiander Work Phone: 443-330-5505 Website:

Rothfuss Engineering Company

Contact: Walter Rothfuss Work Phone: 410-880-0127 Website:

Rowles & Company, LLP (Affiliate)

Contact: Ron Grodzinsky Work Phone: 410-583-6990 Website:

Rowles & Company, LLP (Affiliate)

Contact: Ron Grodzinsky Work Phone: 443-725-5395 Website:

Sabra & Associates, Inc.

Contact: Dr. Ziad A. Sabra, Ph.D., PE, Work Phone: 443-741-3500 Website:

Samms Engineering, LLC

Contact: Shahid Qureshi, P.E., PTOE Work Phone: 443-745-9388 Website:

Schnabel Engineering

Contact: Mr. Ken Derrenbacher Work Phone: 410-944-6170 Website:

Sheladia Associates, Inc. (Jt. Council Member)

Contact: Manish Kothari Work Phone: 301-590-3939 Website:

Sidhu Associates, Inc.

Contact: Mr. Manny Sidhu Work Phone: 410-329-1115 Website:

SIG (Affiliate)

Contact: Richard Silberstein Work Phone: 410-823-8066 Website:

Skelly and Loy, Inc.

Contact: Mr. Charles Hegberg Work Phone: 410-527-0418 Website:

Specialized Engineering

Contact: Robert Simon Work Phone: 301-607-4180 Website:

Stambaugh Ness, Inc. (Affiliate)

Contact: M. Scott Hursh Work Phone: 717-757-6999 Website:


Contact: Simon Simon Work Phone: 301-982-2800 Website:


Contact: Eileen Straughan Work Phone: 443-539-2501 Website:

STV Incorporated

Contact: Joel Oppenheimer Work Phone: 410-944-9112 Website:

Terracon Consultants, Inc. (Jt. Council)

Contact: Eric Rehwoldt Work Phone: 301-354-6100 Website:

The Wilson T. Ballard Company

Contact: Ronald W. Rye Work Phone: 410-363-0150 Website:

Traffic Planning and Design, Inc.

Contact: Alex Meitzler, P.E. Work Phone: 443-993-5791 Website:

Transtech Engineering Consultants, Inc.

Contact: Umesh Murthy Work Phone: 410-730-1789 Website:

Urban Engineers

Contact: Vince Pielli Work Phone: 443-780-0030 Website:

Volkert, Inc.

Contact: Virginia Finley Work Phone: 240-498-0589 Website:

Wallace Montgomery

Contact: Mr. Stuart Taub Work Phone: 410-494-9093 Website:

Wetland Studies & Solutions, Inc. (WSSI)

Contact: Scott Petrey Work Phone: 410-672-5990 Website:

Whitman, Requardt & Associates

Contact: Joseph Makar Work Phone: 410-235-3450 Website:

Whitney, Bailey, Cox & Magnani

Contact: Leon Kriebel Work Phone: 410-512-4500 Website:


Contact: Sam Minnitte Work Phone: 410-727-5050 Website:
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